Celtic Colours International Festival (https://celtic-colours.com/)

Concert tickets are on sale now, and most will sell out before the Festival starts. If you have any interest in attending concerts, you may wish to review the schedule ahead of time and purchase tickets as soon as you can.

Multiple concerts are held at venues across the island each night. It is possible to drive between most points on the island within 2 hours. There is NO public transport around the island. However, there is public transit and inexpensive taxis in the Sydney area so if you won’t be renting a car, plan on attending concerts in the Sydney region.

Note that communities across the island host daytime events, which are quite varied and tend to be less expensive than the concerts. You can visit historic buildings, attend cultural activities, participate in a session or open mic, eat at a community supper, etc. We highly recommend looking to these events as well as to the concerts when planning your time.