We are delighted with the results of the “Language in Lyrics” project, which have included, among other things, the development of transcription frolics, an open-access book of Gaelic language lesson plans organized around songs (created by Gaelic instructors for Gaelic instructors), an international symposium on Gaelic language revitalization and music, and a special issue of a peer-reviewed academic journal (co-edited by one of the symposium attendees and including articles by several of the attendees).

Details on all of these results are available at the links below.

Our biggest outcome is, of course, the Nova Scotia Gaelic Song Index.

In addition, we developed a blog, an active Facebook page, and we’ve delivered dozens of conference presentations and workshops about the Language in Lyrics project and Nova Scotia Gaelic Song Index.

We encourage you to explore these resources and hope that some will be of interest and use to you!