An Invitation to Participate in the Gaelic Song Education Project

Language in Lyrics is launching a new project to further integrate Gaelic songs into the community learning process. We are inviting Gaelic language instructors to join us in creating lesson plans organized around Gaelic songs. Teachers will be paid for these lesson plans and they will be made publicly available under a creative commons license.

To prepare for lesson planning, professional-development sessions will be offered to Gaelic language teachers:

  • sessions will be free
  • sessions will run for a total of about 12 hours over several days
  • participants will then have the opportunity to produce a lesson plan developed from a Gaelic song sung in Nova Scotia.

The goal of these sessions is to have participants produce accessible and high-quality language lesson plans that other teachers can use and adapt.

Background of Education Project

Songs convey the story of a people’s experience, and for many generations, songs were the primary form of creative literary output for the Gaels. Not only do Gaelic songs provide examples of community connections and worldview, they may also serve as a basis for language instruction. Indeed, in songs we find a range of teachable items such as grammar, idioms, pronunciation, and dialectal features, to name a few.

In addition to the use of songs as a medium for language instruction, the act of singing them with others is a traditional activity, which aside from being a lot of fun, serves to support Gaelic community and language renewal. The Language in Lyrics project has indexed around 3,000 Gaelic songs that were known in Nova Scotia, and many of the titles can be found in our Google Sheets document, which continues to be updated by our team.

How You Can Participate

If you’re a Gaelic teacher who has an interest in community-based learning and who’d be interested in producing one or more lesson plans organized around songs, please start by completing a brief Google survey at this link. Your feedback will help to inform upcoming training sessions.

Tapadh leibh!