Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development

JMMD will publish a special issue on Heritage Language Revitalization and Music, guest edited by Dr. Begoña Echeverria (University of California, Riverside) and Dr. Heather Sparling (Cape Breton University). 

JMMD is a peer-reviewed cross-disciplinary journal for researchers from diverse scholarly and geographical backgrounds. It is concerned with macro-level coverage of topics in the sociology and social psychology of language, and in language and cultural politics, policy, planning and practice.

Special Issue Abstract:

A response to the incredibly complex challenge of language decay demands not only the perspectives of speakers and learners of a range of languages, but the perspectives offered by diverse disciplines. Approaches to reversing processes of linguistic morbidity have assumed that solutions should focus on the language itself (e.g., offering language classes, availability of services in a given language), often with minimal consideration given to other forms of cultural expression. 

This volume offers an innovative perspective in its emphasis on music as the primary point of encounter with language and, as such, it offers a previously unrecognized and undervalued means of supporting heritage languages – minority languages to which learners typically have exposure through community and family. We welcomed submissions that foreground music in all aspects of heritage language revitalization, including status, acquisition, and corpus planning.

Article Contents

Heather Sparling & Begoña Echeverria

A tartan weave: connecting the experience of flow in traditional music and Gaelic language in pursuit of heritage language survival
Heather Sparling & Peter MacIntyre

A good return on investment? Cultural identification through learning traditional music and language in Gaelic Nova Scotia
Susan Baker, Heather Sparling, & Peter MacIntyre

Going for a Song: Supporting Language Acquisition in Gaelic 0-3 Groups
Lisa MacDonald

A song for Cornwall (Kan Rag Kernow): a study of musicians and translators working on Cornish/Kernewek lyrics for international song festivals
Jesse Harasta

‘The stories are told by us’/U.S.: politics of telling stories about Indigenous languages with (and without) music
Maxwell Yamane & Mary Phillips

Language revitalization through Indigenous Mexican hip hop: building towards an Indigenous hip hop futurism
Jonah Francese