This schedule will likely change up until the event starts. However, for those unable to attend the entire event and who are deciding which days to prioritize, it will give you a sense of who will present which days. Presentation abstracts can be found here, and presenter bios here.

Tuesday, Oct 8

Keynote, Peter MacIntyre, “The Roots of Motivation: Connecting Language and Music”

The Nova Scotia Context

  • Frances MacEachen, “Recovering Our Communal Culture for the Sake of Our Language”
  • Lewis MacKinnon, “Informing as it Unfolds: A Process of Discovering Gaelic Identity Awareness Through Poetry and Song”
  • Màiri Britton and Mary Jane Lamond, “Language in Lyrics: Documenting the Nova Scotia Gaelic Song Corpus”
  • Shay MacMullin, TBA

The Education Context

  • Begoña Echeverria, “Basque-ing Through Music: Teaching Basque in the Diaspora”
  • Lisa MacDonald, “Linguistic Powerpacks: the value of songs in language acquisition”
  • Reuben Ó Conluain: “Exploiting the Pop-song as a Teaching Resource in the Irish Language Classroom and also as a Tool to Promote a Positive Attitude towards the Language in the Wider Community”
  • Olufunmilola Temitayo Oladipo, “Music Pedagogy for teaching Yorùbá language in Nigerian Primary Schools”

Discussion session

Wednesday, Oct 9


  • Michael Newton, “Minding the Gap: Making Existing Gaelic Musical Resources More Helpful For Learners”
  • Liz Doherty & Shaun Ferns, “The Cape Breton Fiddle Companion: Game On”
  • Morgan Sleeper, “Singing Synthesizers: Language Revitalization through UTAUloid”


  • Cassie Smith-Christmas & Orlaith Ruiséal: “Sicín Mise Go Sona Sásta:  Integrating Children’s Song into Intergenerational Language Transmission in the Corca Dhuibhne Gaeltacht”
  • Michael Jacob: “Musical Bodies: Symbols of Power and Community in Irish Language Music Videos”
  • Emily McEwan-Fujita, “Nova Scotia Gaelic Language and Music: Dichotomies and Challenges”


  • Kit Ashton, “Language ‘status planning’ through music: Jèrriais in the island of Jersey”

Diverse Celtic Language Contexts

  • Jennefer Lowe, “Pyboryon wethugh in scon! Pipers, play diligently!”
  • Meghan Haughian, “The choir as a medium for socialization in Irish: A case study on Cór Cois Sionna”
  • Joyce MacDonald, “Tog do ghuth/Lift your voice: Song making for language learners”

Discussion session

Thursday, Oct 10

Keynote, David Samuels, “Modernity and Revitalization”

The Scottish Context

  • Arthur Cormack, “Fèisean nan Gàidheal”
  • Liam Crouse, “’Dìleab EOST’: the European Oral Song Tradition project and its legacy”
  • Abi Lightbody, “Cluas ri Claisneachd – An Ear to the Ground: The Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic’s Audio Archive”

Discussion session

Ceilidh (open to the public)

Video snapper recordings

Film night

Friday, Oct 11


  • Fiona MacKenzie, “Facal, Fuaim is Faileas: The Canna Collections – An holistic approach to language learning”
  • Jane Arnold, “Stòras Gàidhlig Cheap Breatuinn: creating connections through archival description”

Heather Sparling: review, summary, and key points

Discussion session