Fàilte oirbh! Welcome!

We are delighted to be launching the Language in Lyrics project this month: a three-year partnership project with the aim of creating a comprehensive database of Nova Scotia Gaelic songs, and a lyrics-based corpus of  Nova Scotia Gaelic.

Find out more details about the project here!

We will be introducing the project through a number of presentations during the month of May – Gaelic Awareness Month. The first of these will take place on May 11th, at the Highland Village Museum. Thigibh ann! Come join us! Details below:

Air Bilean an t-Sluaigh poster (corrected) HV 11.05.18

(Photo credit: ‘Highland Village Day, Iona’ / 1963 / Abbass Studios Ltd. / item no. B-3879.3. Used with kind permission of the Beaton Institute)

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