This event will be held at the main campus of the Gaelic College in St. Ann’s. The Gaelic College is where all the Celtic Colours artists stay during the festival so it will NOT be possible to stay on after Oct 11. If you are planning to stay in Cape Breton beyond Oct 11, please look for accommodations as soon as possible as they will fill up.


You will find the most accommodation options in Sydney (where this is also local transportation and inexpensive taxis; there will also be concerts within the area most nights of the festival). The following hotels and motels are all in or close to the centre of Sydney.

Please also check and AirBnB for other options. Note that there are many “Sydneys” (North Sydney, Sydney Mines, Sydney River, Sydney Forks) – these are close to Sydney but NOT the same as Sydney. You will require a car to get from these places into Sydney. Let us know if you are at all unsure about the locations of accommodations you are considering.


Baddeck is only a 20 minute drive from the Gaelic College and an hour from Sydney. It is a charming town centrally located on the island. It is also possible to take a free shuttle bus from Baddeck to the Gaelic College every evening where Celtic Colours’ after-hours Festival Club is held. It is possible to take a shuttle bus from Baddeck to Halifax. A taxi from Baddeck to Sydney will cost about $125.

Port Hawkesbury

Port Hawkesbury is located near the causeway linking Cape Breton Island to the mainland. It is about a 90-minute drive from Sydney. It is possible to take an intercity or shuttle bus from Port Hawkesbury to Halifax.

Other Locations

There are many other accommodation options (primarily motels and B&Bs) located across Cape Breton. Just be aware that you will need a car to reach most. Check the distances from accommodations to Celtic Colours events that you want to attend.

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